How to play WYD Global

First of all, refer to the official site for the system requirements. Playing WYD Global is easy if you have an experience on playing online games (Or better yet you have played Old SD) since almost all of the movement parts is the same with other online games. To move a char is to left click your mouse and to attack a monster is right click your mouse on the target. There are also auto attack button the T, anyways all of this are explained on the website. Note: you have to know this, for these are the basic things you have to know in order to play the game. You can find this information in the Official Site under Game Guide.

Second, is to create an account. In order for you to create an account, you need to have an e-mail address. This is where they will send your confirmation mail and your username and password. Creating an account will just take you at least 5-10 minutes depending on your internet speed. Just follow the instructions there and after you finished filling up the form you have an account. Now, you are ready to go inside the game and play it!

Third, is to create a character. Creating a character depends on what type of character you want and will be using in the game. In WYD Global, there are a total of 4 characters to choose from. As you all know, I mentioned it earlier, the Trans Knight, Beast Master, Foema and huntress. To know all about them, please refer to the website or Fan Site again. You should be able to find it on the Characters. Anyways, I will give you a short background of each character.

The Transknight is like a Knight, Paladin, Crusader, Champion, Warrior or Soldier in other games. This means higher pack HP, maximum damage, tanker and melee characters. But unlike other online characters, Trans Knight in WYD Global is more like of a Paladin. They have skills which uses mana to boost there HP, Damage, Devine Protection Etc. Anyways, you get the idea. I would prefer Trans Knight if you want to level up fast since this character boost strength.


The Beast Masters are more likely Shape Shifters or Druids in other games. This character may not have the strength and high HP of a Trans Knight but he can control nature, elements and the entire beast in the world of WYD Global. Even the great Dragons are succumbed to the Beast Master’s will when he summons them. This character is something not to be taken lightly.

The Foema is like a Wizard, Magician, Witch or Sorcerer in other games. This are the characters who wield magic at there wimps. They are very weak with there physical condition. Low HP and defense but thru the help of there arcane arts, they can compensate there physical weakness. A skilled MAP (Magic Attack Power) Foema is a force to be recon with. These characters are feared by many when they become higher level. MAP Foema is expert in Maximum Damage Skills. They can take out any character with there combo skills. In a guild war they are mainly on the back for support or artillery purposed. Still, you can choose what Foema build you want. MAP Foema are only few in the game since it is very hard to level maximizing only your INT, you will have to sacrifice so much with your def and HP for higher skill damage. There is the buffer Foema which concentrate on buffing parties and Fighter Foema which has good def and high HP. They are like battle wizards. Earlier in the game Artillery Foema are hard to level but as you level up. You can feel them getting stronger and will level faster at higher levels.

The Huntress is like a Hunter, Assassin, Rouge or Thief in other games. These are the types of char who are quick, fast, silent and deadly. Huntress is Master in trade, Bow and dual weapons. Huntresses are mostly the long range characters. They have Balance HP and strength. Probably there most high asset is there speed and evasion talents. They are good at stalking and quick kill. Having a huntress as char should be a good idea. This character is expert also in trades so you will have discounts on NPC. If you want to do business inside the game, you should choose this char.


Lastly, choose a server and enter…Now you are ready to play the game!!!

Why I have to level up fast

You need to level up fast so you can become stronger. If you become stronger you can kill stronger monster and have good items (Stronger Monsters Drop Good Items and more money). You can compete with other players in the game thru PK. Higher level are respected. So, if you want to be respected in the game or want to be famous then you have to level fast and be the highest level in the game.(Suffice to say, girls will flock to you when you are strong in the game^^)

How to level up fast

Chapter 1
Newbie Guide

After you create your character and enter the game, you might be wandering what to do next. Here is a guide that will help you level fast and become stronger in no time. As you enter the game, a new quest will appear as an icon. Press X and read the coordinates. Go to Trainer Leader and talk to him then proceed to Training Camp. Just walk thru the eastern gates of Armia and you will find it there. The rest refer to the website or igamemania’s Fan Site on quest. Level your character there at least to 20. When you reach level 20, you should be able to kill monster in duels with that level now (make sure to do the tips and tricks of Training Camp Quest first! Refer to igamemania’s WYD Tips for the information). Don’t concentrate on your items yet for you are at a very low level. You don’t need it since within 1 day of this guide you will reach to level 115 ^^. Go to Noatun to the altar. If you don’t know where Noatun is, ask someone inside the game. But it is really easy to find, it is beyond the east wall of the warp gates of noaton. Go there and ask to party with those doing duels until you get to level 40. After that you do the quest since it is more easer now to level in quest. Go to the graveyard, southwest of Erion. Look in the quest for coordinates. Stay there until you reach to level 115. The quest name should be Spirit Guardian. Do the Conquering Orc Castle Quest too since it will give you 9 free skill points ^^.(Note: For Foema, this is hard, so you have to create Transknight first and level it to 40 and do the quest on graveyard and put all the Wisdom Chest to your storage and let Foema use it). You should choose Black Magic first for MAP Foema. For the skills, leave out Fire and proceed to take Thunder Bolt, Ice Spear and Rock of Blizzard. These are the effective spells. When you reach level 115, do Sacred Garden quest. It is like the graveyard but for level 116-190, do quest until you get to level 190 then proceed to the next quest, The Return of the Dark Knight Quest. This if for 191-254. When you reached 254 go back again to Duel or Water ‘till you reached 266 and do the Immortality Hydra Quest. This quest lets you level fast to 320. Now here is the hard part since the Scout’s Mana Potions is VERY VERY HARD TO FIND!!! (My advice is to do Scrap Event with Your Guild or Hunt AFK mode on Stone Golems! Be sure you don’t have a lot of enemies so you aren’t getting yourself killed every time you go AFK). I can’t tell you more since my current level is 294.. so.. watch out for the continuation of this guide ^^

Chapter 2
Advanced Guide

This is for advanced players. Leveling a character by killing monster and doing duels is not just how to level up fast and get stronger in the game. In order to level fast is to have good and stronger armors, equipment and items. Killing high level or stronger monsters will give you more experience and will enable you to level fast but killing them would not be easy if you are not strong. That is why other players put much time to level there characters to become strong and will be able to kill stronger monster. But you can kill stronger monster even at low level if you have better equips. This strategy guide I will share to you is basically also used in Real Life. The buy and sell strategy. You have to become a merchant in the game. Suffice to say, becoming a merchant in the game would mean that you would put more of your time and effort in selling for high price and buying for fewer prices. It doesn’t mean though you have an edge from other players who just keep leveling and you becoming rich and acquiring upgraded armors and weapons. It depends on your talent, skill and your enthusiasm of the game. If you are good at marketing then this would be a nice path to follow and if you are best on fighting and luck in getting equips from monsters then it would be better to stay as such. But merchants also have upper hands, they can acquire in the in-game market items that would let them have luck every time they kill a monster or some experience fairies to boost there level and not mentioning good and better armors they will equipped. There are 3 types that will make you’re character stronger in the game. One is having a higher level character. Two is having better and good armors and weapons (this includes upgraded weapons and armors. refer to the website or igamemania’s Fan Site on how to upgrade your armor and weapons. It should be in the advance guide link on the website) and lastly being rich in the game and in Real Life (the best way is to buy armors and weapons on the online market.)


**LOL This took me 2 and a half hours to write.. ;P ;P ;P..lmfao my friend and I were working our asses off to get this post done..really want to win that weekly prize..hehehehe…***


Why you have to play WYD Global

A new era of Massive Role Playing Game has come! This is not like the other online games you have played! This game is free! No cards to pay or monthly bills to play the game! It is 3D and has 4 main characters, which is Trans Knight, Foema, Beast Master and Huntress. It has unique level system which your char can transcend to a GOD char that is somehow boasting of an infinite leveling. Now, you will be able to surpass the normal playing part of any other online games where it is getting bored when you maxed level your character. It has 5 PK systems which is what I like most in this game. You will be able to kill anyone you don’t like in-game. Of course in doing so, you have to have very good equipments and armors! Now here comes the good part of this game! The online ITEM market, which you can buy in REAL money all the armors and weapons you like for your characters. Say goodbye to leveling hassles because you have weak armors and playing for days just to hunt good items. (Not to mention it’s Built in BOTS!! For you who don’t know what is a BOT. It’s a Macro Program that lets your character play even without you playing it). You will save a lot of time with this system. And also one of its grandeur features is the PK!!! Yes! I LOVE PK very much! Here, you will compete with other online players. Prove yourself worthy of respect and feared inside the game! Yes, PK and PVP lovers will love this! You don’t need to Hunt and buy and sell to buy the armors you need for PK. You can buy it on the ONLINE ITEM MARKET! Aside from all this, this game has colorful system which you can paint your armors with the color of your choice and armors here are defined there worth thru colors and not just that!!! With its unique pet/mount system, you’re goanna love it! If you are not sure, one way to do it is try the game! Sign up now! And have your account!!! And GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR DESITNY Global!!! ^^

More tips and tricks

August 29, 2008

How to make Skull

Create a Huntress character then perform the Training Camp quest. Be sure to equip your Ash Bow as you talk to the second NPC guard on each gate on Training Camp. He will make your Bow +3 and change your bow’s option which is needed to convert your Ash Bow to Skull Bow. After finishing the quest, go to Erion town and kill the Half-Orcs near the entrance gate then proceed to coordinates (2466, 2078) when you reach level 40. Unequipped your Ashen Bow and talk to the Unicorn NPC. Be sure to have a space in your inventory when you are about to talk to the NPC Unicorn.


how to make Ideal Stone

First of All, you need the RUNES. You can get the runes by doing the 7 God Quest in unknown continent. Of course it means Kephra must be killed first before you can do those quest.

The 4 Secret Stones

Sun Secret Stone: Ansuz, Elhaz, Gebo, Mannaz, Raidho, Sowilo, Tiwaz

Land Secret Stone: Dagaz, Fehu, Kenaz, Naudhiz, Sowilo, Thurisaz, Raidho

Water Secret Stone: Berkano, Ehwaz, Jara, Raidho, Sowilo, Uraz, Wunjo

Wind Secret Stone: Elhwaz, Hagalaz, Ing, Isa, Laguz, Othel, Perthro

This is the combination of Runes to make each Secret Stones. You need 4 of them in your inventory in any order and The immortality stone and Sephirot stone (any kind, Foema, TK, BM or Huntress) and click on the King of your kingdom to make the Ideal Stone.

Note: You need 2m Gold to make each Sun Secret Stone! ^_^

For furthere details check WYD Global official site, here is the link

Upgrading Celestial Cape

To upgrade your Celestial Cape, you need to go to Unknown Continent Beyond Kephra Hall. It means Kephra must be dead first before you can upgrade Celestial Cape.

Click NPC Refiner Odin in Unknown Continent and put 2 Locked Seals, Magic Seal and 4 Laktorerium Powder.

The precise set-up on the NPC Refiner Odin.

Locked Seal, Locked Seal
Magic Seal
Laktorerium Powder, Laktorerium Powder, Laktorerium Powder, Laktorerium Powder

It doesn’t Fail! it’s 100% Success to Upgrade Celestial Cape!

Good Luck!

Little Tricks and Tips!!

August 28, 2008

How to reduce CP for FREE!

You can reduce your CP for free if your maximum level 400 or Need to unlocked level. Let a monster kill you then you will be demoted to level 399 and lost 30k exp. Kill monster again then level and you will get +5 CP. Repeat this method until you get your CP back to 75!

Tips on Pure Divine Circle, or Exorcising Stone from SD, I prefer!

Exorcising stone: 1/3 chance to get your desired section of skill for reset.
(skill: eg. for foema is holy magic, black magic or special magic)
(section of skill: all the skills learned in the section will be gone and converted back to skill pts)

Normal exorcising stone: Reset desired section of skill and 50 mastery lvl pts(all 4 masteries).
How to get: Get the purifying stone fragment equipped + 1mil then talk to NPC Alchemist Jeff.
You can do this quest only ONCE.
(the mastery pts will be converted back to special pts)

High-grade exorcising stone: Reset desired section of skill and 100 mastery lvl pts(all 4 masteries).
How to get: Get the purifying stone equipped + 5mil then talk to NPC Alchemist Jeff.
You can do this quest Unlimited times.[RARE drop]
(the mastery pts will be converted back to special pts)

ONLY after u get the correct stone then you decide to talk to NPC Shaman to reset…
(meaning the stone stated the section of skill u wanted to reset)

Where to get the purifying stone fragment/purifying stone:
Its dropped from random monsters at the armia field.(other places might also drop)

How to reset Stats using Sapphires!

Items Needed: 30 sapphires

Q: What does the reset do ?
A: It decreases your status point from each status by 100

For Example: If you have 300 Str 300 Int 300 Dex 300 Con, after the reset you will have 200 Str 200 Int 200 Dex 200 Con and 400 Spare points for you to Re-add

Q: How do I obtain the Sapphires ?
A: Random monsters around the game drop them. Just a matter of luck.

Q: Is there any other way to find these Sapphires ?
A: Yes, if your level is high enough you can always proceed into the Dungeon Level 1 and Hunt for the Andro Skeleton boss. There is a high chance of him dropping a Sapphire but if you failed to get one on your first kill don’t feel sad they drop a Sapphire every few spawns.

LOL! im on griffi.. i named it..hehe.

LOL! im on griffi.. i named it..hehe.

ya.. me and griffi have alot of fun together..

ya.. me and griffi have alot of fun together..hey griffi..dunt do it..plz.. dunt drop in the water dude, plz man!

Spirit Stone

You may refine Spirit stone +9 and imbue higher options into it through refinement. Successful compounding of Spirit Stone will result to a better option. However, the result is randomly processed. Compounding of the upper level’s spirit is only possible for God 356 level that achieves the “Birth of Light Warrior” Quest.

Item’s Combine

You can combine the spirit stone through “Shany’ in “Karden”. You will need 1 +0~+9 Spirit Stone and 2 +9 Spirit Stones. You must also have 4 “Laktorerium Powder” to complete the process.


When you have successfully combined the spirit stones, it will have a random item option.
-Upon a successful upgrade, your gold will decrease by 2,000,000.
-When you fail the upgrade, your gold will decrease by 500,000.
-The Spirit Stone has no effect in refining the items.
-You can still use the refined spirit stone as a combination material.

user posted image

SLOT 1, 2: 2 Spirit Stone +9
SLOT 3: 1 Spirit Stone (combine price +0~+9)
SLOT 4 ~ 7: 4 Laktorerium Powder

Successful Combination

All the items used in refining will disappear and a new +0 Spirit Stone with random option will appear.

The experience of the character will be decreased by 2 million points upon successful refining.

a. Spirit Stone (grade F)+0 – level limitation 256, HP increase, piercing damage 15.
b. Spirit Stone (grade F)+0 – level limitation 256, HP increase 100, absorb damage 15.
c. Spirit Stone (grade F)+0 – level limitation 256, HP increase 100, piercing damage 15, absorb damage 15.

The new Spirit Stone will have a grade F.

Failed Combination

The spirit stone used in slot 3 will be destroyed while the stones in slot 1 and 2 will remain.

The 4 laktorerium powder will also be destroyed.

When you fail in the process of combination, your gold will decrease by 500,000.

How to Imbue godweapon

August 21, 2008


You can get additional item in Transfer God main item through “Tainy” in “Karden” advance base and to get more powerful weapon and defensive weapon, you need to have +9 combined over level D acient item to strengthen more strong weapon. 

user posted image

SLOT A: 1 +9 Ancient God Class weapon
SLOT B: 1 +9 Ancient Normal weapon with a grade D or higher
SLOT C 1 +9 items with grade D or higher

Combination Expenditure:100,000,000 Gold


+10 Ancient items and +10 items bonus option (drop rate, absolute damage, experience gain, damage absorption) will not be added to the combined items. The combined items will only get the basic options (i.e. damage increase).

When you succeed in weapon combination, items on slot B and C will disappear. You will then get a +7 combined weapon.

When you fail the upgrade, all your items will disappear.

God Ancient weapon with option can still be combined with normal acient weapons.

When you have succeeded in god weapon combination, the god weapon will also have the option of the jewelry used.

The items used in the slot C will disappear.

Who looks better?

August 20, 2008

CM, GM, CM, GM,CM, GM…errr…who looks better..Gm,or CM…I think… GODBANE! right there sitting down talking with CM Tonbarry.
Guys comment here on who you think looks the best…

LOL! CM Tonbarry please take a look at this post! Hehe.. you are in it!! LOL! It was so fun talking to a CM, especially going to a GM/CM Lounge, lol which I think is also where people have guild wars, am I right?


Take a look at this video. It shows the deepness of WYD and how wonderful it is to play. I have a story to go along with this video:

For a long time, man lived under a seemingly utopian world. They prosper and multiplied while never failing to praise and worship their heavenly provider. Yet, this “Age of Glory” would soon be shattered by the growing envy and blind ambition of a mighty Seraph called Harden. He began to spread lies and intrigues about the mortals. He was convinced that they were weak beings unworthy of God’s love and providence.

This raging conviction drew others into his cause and their collective hatred soon spilled into a full-scale rebellion against God. The “Great Heavenly War” was about to begin…

he Great Heavenly War soon turned into a bloody and bitter feud with neither side getting a clear-cut advantage. Hope soon arrived for the loyalists when the Archangel Kafma led a decisive charge that finally turned the tide of battle to their side. The rebellious Seraphs were routed and expelled from Hekhaloth but Harden was able to escape towards earth.

During the last campaigns, a fateful development was transpiring below. The essences of dead angels were falling into the earth and were entering the bodies of numerous infants . These newborns were able to acquire the power of the Seraphs and soon grew to positions of power and distinction. Emboldened with magical powers and skills, they urged for an escalation in the war against the heavens.

Nesses, a magician from the Kingdom Koren began to ally himself with Harden and their unholy union saw the birth of a terrible abomination called the Hyper-Monster, a deadly combination of some of the strongest creatures known to man. With the Hyper-Monster in two, the duo proceeded to attack Armia and began to sack the last bastion of God’s faithful on earth. The remaining warriors and angels were rendered helpless against the onslaught of Koren, Harden and the Hyper-Monster.