Regular Easy-to-make builds…follow..hehe

September 8, 2008

There are four characters, each with different builds.
There are 9 basic and tested builds in WYD Global;


1. Transknight
    Good in Melee Attack because of his powerful weapons and skills.
    One of the toughest and well-balanced build in the game.
    Focuses on Trans skill mastery.

2. Magic Transknight
    This build is good in Magic Attack as his strength.
    One of the toughest massive damage dealing build in game.
    Can focus on Faith or Magic skill masteries.


1. Battle Foema
    Good in Melee Attack with the help of his great foema buffs.
    Normally uses bow, deals great damage but not as tough as knights.
    Got special magic skills like healing, flash, cure and a lot more that     can help on different      kinds of situations.
    Focuses on Special Magic skill mastery.

2. Black Foema
    Best massive damage dealers with great AoE spells.
    Deals great amount of damage in a short period of time but are not physically tough.
    Focuses mainly on Black Magic skill mastery.

3. White Foema
    Best support type of character in game.
    Greatly helps in wars and hunting parties.
    Toughest mages in game and got a great amount of HP.
    Can revive dead party mates or guild mates.
    Mainly focuses on White Magic skill mastery.

Beast Master

1. Elemental Summoner
    Spell caster build of beast master, well-balanced.
    Very tough both on physical and magical damage.
    Can summon creatures that can aid them in battle.
    Mainly focuses on Elemental skill mastery.

2. Pure Summoner
    Best character build for PvE
    Relies mostly on his summons to kill mobs or monsters.
    Mainly focuses on Summon skill mastery.

3. Nature Beastmaster
    Very tough melee type character.
    One of the toughest melee fighters.
    Relies on his transformation skills to boost his stat.
    Mainly focuses on Nature skill mastery


1. Typical Hunter
    Very agile type of character.
    Deals great physical damage but not so tough on physical defense.
    Mainly focuses on Trade skill mastery


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