WYD Global ANd it’s INFINITE PROS!!!(no cons)

September 1, 2008

Why you have to play WYD Global

A new era of Massive Role Playing Game has come! This is not like the other online games you have played! This game is free! No cards to pay or monthly bills to play the game! It is 3D and has 4 main characters, which is Trans Knight, Foema, Beast Master and Huntress. It has unique level system which your char can transcend to a GOD char that is somehow boasting of an infinite leveling. Now, you will be able to surpass the normal playing part of any other online games where it is getting bored when you maxed level your character. It has 5 PK systems which is what I like most in this game. You will be able to kill anyone you don’t like in-game. Of course in doing so, you have to have very good equipments and armors! Now here comes the good part of this game! The online ITEM market, which you can buy in REAL money all the armors and weapons you like for your characters. Say goodbye to leveling hassles because you have weak armors and playing for days just to hunt good items. (Not to mention it’s Built in BOTS!! For you who don’t know what is a BOT. It’s a Macro Program that lets your character play even without you playing it). You will save a lot of time with this system. And also one of its grandeur features is the PK!!! Yes! I LOVE PK very much! Here, you will compete with other online players. Prove yourself worthy of respect and feared inside the game! Yes, PK and PVP lovers will love this! You don’t need to Hunt and buy and sell to buy the armors you need for PK. You can buy it on the ONLINE ITEM MARKET! Aside from all this, this game has colorful system which you can paint your armors with the color of your choice and armors here are defined there worth thru colors and not just that!!! With its unique pet/mount system, you’re goanna love it! If you are not sure, one way to do it is try the game! Sign up now! And have your account!!! And GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR DESITNY Global!!! ^^

3 Responses to “WYD Global ANd it’s INFINITE PROS!!!(no cons)”

  1. wydrox said

    hey CMs for some reason I wasnt able to post on your Season 2 Submnission Page…I dunt think you activated it, that y I posted on CM Dhar’s personal Blog.

  2. CM Dhar said

    Haha yeah i forgot to fixed the link on that site.. anyway it is already fixed 🙂

    “3.) Post the following information in the comment box atleast 3 times.” ???????

    about this. to be able to make sure that your comment will be accepted by the wordpress system. we advised wydians to post their comments atleast 3x. but you can still post once if you prefered 🙂

  3. Matt said

    XD hi god bane hehehe
    add my blog on ur blog list heheeheh
    i will do the same here XD
    good luck dude hope we win

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