More tips and tricks

August 29, 2008

How to make Skull

Create a Huntress character then perform the Training Camp quest. Be sure to equip your Ash Bow as you talk to the second NPC guard on each gate on Training Camp. He will make your Bow +3 and change your bow’s option which is needed to convert your Ash Bow to Skull Bow. After finishing the quest, go to Erion town and kill the Half-Orcs near the entrance gate then proceed to coordinates (2466, 2078) when you reach level 40. Unequipped your Ashen Bow and talk to the Unicorn NPC. Be sure to have a space in your inventory when you are about to talk to the NPC Unicorn.


how to make Ideal Stone

First of All, you need the RUNES. You can get the runes by doing the 7 God Quest in unknown continent. Of course it means Kephra must be killed first before you can do those quest.

The 4 Secret Stones

Sun Secret Stone: Ansuz, Elhaz, Gebo, Mannaz, Raidho, Sowilo, Tiwaz

Land Secret Stone: Dagaz, Fehu, Kenaz, Naudhiz, Sowilo, Thurisaz, Raidho

Water Secret Stone: Berkano, Ehwaz, Jara, Raidho, Sowilo, Uraz, Wunjo

Wind Secret Stone: Elhwaz, Hagalaz, Ing, Isa, Laguz, Othel, Perthro

This is the combination of Runes to make each Secret Stones. You need 4 of them in your inventory in any order and The immortality stone and Sephirot stone (any kind, Foema, TK, BM or Huntress) and click on the King of your kingdom to make the Ideal Stone.

Note: You need 2m Gold to make each Sun Secret Stone! ^_^

For furthere details check WYD Global official site, here is the link

Upgrading Celestial Cape

To upgrade your Celestial Cape, you need to go to Unknown Continent Beyond Kephra Hall. It means Kephra must be dead first before you can upgrade Celestial Cape.

Click NPC Refiner Odin in Unknown Continent and put 2 Locked Seals, Magic Seal and 4 Laktorerium Powder.

The precise set-up on the NPC Refiner Odin.

Locked Seal, Locked Seal
Magic Seal
Laktorerium Powder, Laktorerium Powder, Laktorerium Powder, Laktorerium Powder

It doesn’t Fail! it’s 100% Success to Upgrade Celestial Cape!

Good Luck!

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