How to Imbue godweapon

August 21, 2008


You can get additional item in Transfer God main item through “Tainy” in “Karden” advance base and to get more powerful weapon and defensive weapon, you need to have +9 combined over level D acient item to strengthen more strong weapon. 

user posted image

SLOT A: 1 +9 Ancient God Class weapon
SLOT B: 1 +9 Ancient Normal weapon with a grade D or higher
SLOT C 1 +9 items with grade D or higher

Combination Expenditure:100,000,000 Gold


+10 Ancient items and +10 items bonus option (drop rate, absolute damage, experience gain, damage absorption) will not be added to the combined items. The combined items will only get the basic options (i.e. damage increase).

When you succeed in weapon combination, items on slot B and C will disappear. You will then get a +7 combined weapon.

When you fail the upgrade, all your items will disappear.

God Ancient weapon with option can still be combined with normal acient weapons.

When you have succeeded in god weapon combination, the god weapon will also have the option of the jewelry used.

The items used in the slot C will disappear.

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