Story of WYD and its Valiant, Majestic Greatness! again for CMs, because yesterday i didnt tell them.

August 14, 2008


Take a look at this video. It shows the deepness of WYD and how wonderful it is to play. I have a story to go along with this video:

For a long time, man lived under a seemingly utopian world. They prosper and multiplied while never failing to praise and worship their heavenly provider. Yet, this “Age of Glory” would soon be shattered by the growing envy and blind ambition of a mighty Seraph called Harden. He began to spread lies and intrigues about the mortals. He was convinced that they were weak beings unworthy of God’s love and providence.

This raging conviction drew others into his cause and their collective hatred soon spilled into a full-scale rebellion against God. The “Great Heavenly War” was about to begin…

he Great Heavenly War soon turned into a bloody and bitter feud with neither side getting a clear-cut advantage. Hope soon arrived for the loyalists when the Archangel Kafma led a decisive charge that finally turned the tide of battle to their side. The rebellious Seraphs were routed and expelled from Hekhaloth but Harden was able to escape towards earth.

During the last campaigns, a fateful development was transpiring below. The essences of dead angels were falling into the earth and were entering the bodies of numerous infants . These newborns were able to acquire the power of the Seraphs and soon grew to positions of power and distinction. Emboldened with magical powers and skills, they urged for an escalation in the war against the heavens.

Nesses, a magician from the Kingdom Koren began to ally himself with Harden and their unholy union saw the birth of a terrible abomination called the Hyper-Monster, a deadly combination of some of the strongest creatures known to man. With the Hyper-Monster in two, the duo proceeded to attack Armia and began to sack the last bastion of God’s faithful on earth. The remaining warriors and angels were rendered helpless against the onslaught of Koren, Harden and the Hyper-Monster.

One Response to “Story of WYD and its Valiant, Majestic Greatness! again for CMs, because yesterday i didnt tell them.”

  1. CM Dhar said

    same article from august 13.. sorry but i cant accept this 😡

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